Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning


We at Paid to Maid believe that one of the many leadership skills that are necessary for companies to remain successful is organization and a clean work environment. Routine cleanings by Paid to Maid help improve employee retention as well as customer acquisition by leaving a clean professional image and a healthy work environment. We at Paid to Maid go above and beyond to ensure complete customer satisfaction in your workplace. We will not interfere with your work or tamper with your personal belongings. We are here to clean: Daily. Weekly. Bi-weekly. Monthly. As requested.

Golden Standard Cleaning List

• Detailed cleaning of high-use areas.
• Cleaning of general office areas.
• Spot cleaning interior/exterior front door.
• Vacuum all carpeted areas.
• Vacuum and mop floor/hard surfaces.
• Dust/polish furniture.
• Removal of cobwebs.
• Dusting window sills.
• Dust light fixtures.
• Lightly dust blinds.
• Dust baseboards.
• Vacuum and clean stairs.
• Emptying all wastebaskets and recyclables.
• Moving light furniture as needed.
• Cleaning mats as needed.
• Dry mop and wet mop appropriate floors.

• Clean all countertops.
• Clean exterior of the refrigerator & dishwasher.
• Wipe off coffee makers.
• Clean sinks.
• Clean inside/outside of the microwave.
• Wipe off outside of cabinets.
• Empty trash.
• Wipe off table and chairs.
• Sweep and mop the floor.

• Clean/disinfect toilets.
• Clean/disinfect counters and sink.
• Clean mirrors.
• Sweep/mop/disinfect floors.
• Refill hand soap and paper towels.
• Restock toilet paper.